1. Tons of Olive Oil: We cook with olive oil in nearly every dish. We believe there can never be enough of this key ingredient, a staple of the Mediterranean Diet!

  2. Greek Yogurt Sumac: True Greek yogurt is made from Greek milk and consumed plain or with a bit of honey and sometimes walnuts. It is quite delicious! We love Greek yogurt, and we wanted to create something that would resonate with our customers. So, the Greek Yogurt Sumac was born, a combination of our favorite Greek snack and our customers’ favorite sauce.

  3. Honey Nut Feta: Feta cheese is synonymous with Greek cuisine, and adding this to our new menu was a big priority for Chef Ali. Our Honey Nut Feta is a favorite accompaniment for our delicious bowls of grains and greens. Flavor packed and nutritious, it goes with nearly everything on the menu.

  4. Greek Salad: with delicious olives, feta and yogurt and olive oil, just add greens! Create your own Greek Salad bowl or order our Greek Salad as a side dish.

  5. Baklava! We’ve saved the sweetest for last. This traditional Greek Dessert is available at all seven Rice locations throughout Miami.Flaky, delicious pastries soaked in honey-like goodness and bathed in crushed nuts. Don’t forget to try the the pistachio!

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