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Vegan Catering

Are You Looking for Vegan Catering in the Miami, FL Area?

If you are looking for vegan catering services around Miami, FL, check out Rice Mediterranean Kitchen.


Vegan catering has never been easier than with the help of our experienced and professional team. We offer a variety of vegan-friendly options that will please everyone on your guest list and can provide you with a vegan catering service that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that your event is a success.


Our Eastern Mediterranean upbringing instilled within us a deep passion for top-notch grains and greens, freshly prepared and served close to their source. If you are in need of vegan catering, we offer the perfect solution for your next event! Contact us today to learn more about our vegan catering services. You can also check out our menu at Here at Rice Mediterranean Kitchen, we are here to humbly serve you with love and gratitude.

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